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Welcome at the Greenlight start page of TUEX Experts in Energy

A perfect energy saving without disturbance of comfort and safety is not so easy. This asks from the 'energy users' a nearly impossible dicipline. Therefore we have products of various producers of intelligent light switching and dimming integrated in our delivery programm. With these products, it is now very easy for 'energy bill payers' to perform large cuts in the use of energy and still offer a high level of comfort and safety in the controlled area.

Most people are not very long present in their workspaces for a large percentage of work time. They have often also no control over the light-levels in their workspaces during workdays, after-hours and weekends. This applies to both public spaces as well for personal spaces. The bulk of energy waste is during the workdays and not during the nights or in the weekends. This pattern of energy waste are particularly suited for energy-control by our occupancy sensors. They prevent not only energy waste after business hours and building cleaning but generate also big savings during normal business.

Using motion detection switches improve user comfort and convenience by providing a simple way to turn on and off or dimming to a substantial lower energy level of multiple lights when entering or exiting a room. Installing a thoughtfully engineered master switch designed for energy saving will meet code requirements and maximize savings – preventing lights from burning in empty rooms. Studies illuminate significant energy saving opportunity.

Dimming lighting in temperay unused hallways and stairs to a substantial lower energy level gives a more familiar environment then entering this in full dark, it provide also a welcoming feeling when entering an empty room. Many users leave the lighting on very often because the lightswitch is difficult to reach.

Studies show that pantry, garderobe and toilet lighting offer one of the largest energy saving opportunities by eliminating unnecessary extended operation of the lighting. The studies also conclude that when the control solution includes provisions for dimming lighting to a substantial lower energy level, such as solutions offered by MULTIPOINT, energy waste is prevented and user satisfaction is improved.

75% of the energy used by toilet lighting occurs when the lights are left on for longer than 5 minutes than strickt nessesairy. 2 of every 5 users leave the individual toilet lighting on, after using the toilet, because they expect that the light switch is dirty.

Without automatic controls, lighting in public access restrooms is often left on 24 hours a day. An ideal solution is to install a MULTIPOINT Doppler occupancy sensor above the ceiling in the restroom, ensuring that lights turn on and remain on when the space is occupied and turn off after the space is vacated.

MULTIPOINT Doppler Occupancy Sensors are invisible and detects occupancy beyond most obstacles such as ceilings and partitions between stalls.

MULTIPOINT dimmers and scene controls allow facillity owners to customize the lighting in shops, workspaces, public domains and carparcs. Occupancy sensors ensure that theses spaces are only lit when they are in use, translating into reduced utility bills.

Workers with their hands full may neglect to turn off lighting in the many supply rooms scattered throughout a facility, after all, they don’t pay the power bills.

Providing occupancy-based controls in rooms ensures energy savings and lets the staff work efficiently by automating the lighting control.

Similar in usage patterns to utility rooms and storage room lighting is often left on all day when the space is only occupied intermittently. With floor to ceiling shelving, or other features unsuitable to occupancy sensors, these spaces are best controlled by MULTIPOINT Ultrasonic Occupancy Sensors.

Exterior lighting is critical to user safety and security, as well as to ambience, and represents a large component of a facility’s energy use. Parking lots, garages, walkways, canopies, pool and patio areas all have different control requirements, but centralized control solutions ensure that lights are on when needed while preventing energy waste and maximizing savings.

TUEX offers for the controlling of HID lighting installations like workshops and parking lots the large HID dimmers of REGULATIONS to lower the energy and light levels during work time and during pauses. They can be very combined with the light-level controls and the Doppler Occupancy Sensors of MULTIPOINT.

Facillity spaces who are used for operations present an enormous opportunity for energy savings, as lighting is often left on for long periods of time when these areas are not in use. Controls such as MULTIPOINT occupancy sensors can help to keep energy use and operating costs down.

Cantines can implement MULTIPOINT occupancy sensors in the eating and distribution areas, lights will turn on and remain on as long as workers/eaters are present.

MULTIPOINT occupancy-based lighting control is also recommended for hallways.

Installing MULTIPOINT sensors and REGULATIONS dimmers in warehouses to turn lights on and off or automatically dimming in specific areas such as shelving aisleways is very safe and provitable.

TUEX (a junior Greenlight Endorser) like to give you 27 Good Reasons to use the unique combination of MULTIPOINT Doppler sensors, MULTIPOINT dipswitch controlled dimmable FL ballasts or REGULATIONS (a senior Greenlight Endorser) HID dimmers to realize your Greenlight tasks:

1. Reduced energy levels means also reduced airconditioning loads
2. Cut in electricity bill
3. Energy saving
4. Longer lamp life
5. Cut in stock holding of lamps
6. Save on lamp maintenance labour costs
7. Positive impact on the environment
8. Reduction of toxic gasses eg. CO2, NOx, SO2, etc.
9. Longer lamp live means longer light equality without lamp remplace
10. Less waste disposal costs
11. Calm & flicker free light
12. Operation without noise
13. Better quality of light
14. Reduced eye strain
15. Ultra low magnetic interference field
16. Ultra low harmonic disturbtion
17. More productive work environment
18. Simple ways to perform an automated room comfort
19. Flicker free light & dimmable
20. Automatic dim switching
21. Easy to compensate natural sun light levels
22. Higher lightlevels without higher energy bills
23. Gears can build inside small IP65 fixtures
24. Sensors can build in small fixtures
25. Lamps are not switched-off or dimmed when a person sit and read quit under those sensor driven lamps
26. Shops can easy reduce energy bills when no staff or clients in that area, without loosing any attracktivity for clients
27. Shop staff need less light to keep track on clients outside the busy periods

Do you need more information about the TUEX energy saving products, please, send us an


Beside controlling lighting in offices you can use our Energy Control Products also for:

1. Aircraft Hangars
2. Airports
3. Apartment Buildings
4. Atriums
5. Automatic Industrial Doors
6. Bridges
7. Building Security
8. Cleaning Hours Controls
9. Colleges and schools
10. Contact Less Switching
11. Convenience Markets
12. Conveyor Line Start
13. Custom Controllers
14. Elevators Shaft lighting
15. Gymnasiums
16. Heat Drapes
17. High Rise Building stairs
18. High Schools
19. Inspection Pits
20. Leisure Parks
21. Manufacturing Facilities
22. Motel Lobbies
23. Motor Control Center
24. Municipal Buildings
25. Parking Decks
26. Perimeter Lighting
27. Playgrounds
28. Restaurants
29. Retail Outlets
30. Security Ports
31. Sliding Doors
32. Stadiums and open lighted sport areas
32. Storage Area
33. Street Lighting
34. Taxi Runways
35. Tunnel Lighting
36. Underpass lighting
37. Vandal Resistant Lighting
38. Vandal Resistant Switching
39. Warehouses
40. Horticulture light level controls
41. Separation of preferent lighting groups in shopping centers, hospitals and institutions
42. Prison cells
43. And so on.

This long list is only limited by your imagination and needs.

The combination of MULTIPOINT Doppler Sensors, MULTIPOINT's highly sophisticated, high quality and very professional electronic lighting ballasts, transformers and LED drivers, REGULATIONS Industrial Dimmers are perfect components to develop various client dependable solutions for:

1. Healthcare (medical, elderly and home care)
2. Infrastructure (roads, water, public transport and aviation)
3. Energy (power companies and alternative sources of energy)
4. Agriculture (farming, horticulture and livestock)
5. Consumer products (household and leisure products)
6. Production companies (oil, gas, process and manufacturing industries)
7. Scientific research on human and animal behavior.
8. Implement new sensor types and re-develop existing systems, whilst guaranteeing continuity and safety.
9. Maintain and manage a large sensor network, with increasing diversity of sensors and data traffic.
10. Create a sensor research program, which can advise companies about sensor applications in shops, advertising and consumer products.
11. Develop embedded sensor software products on a various given hardware platforms, specifying the operation of sensor driven sub-systems.
12. Develop a sensor driven platform to implement innovative sensor technology in various social contexts.
13. Deploy new scientific developments to create smarter sensor applications, etc, etc.

TUEX offers secure roads to profits for all professional lighting subscribers, facility managers and lighting fixture producers

Have you still questions about our products or did you not find enough answers on our other website pages; please be so kind to send an email to:


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MULTIPOINT has TUEX Experts in Export appointed to be her European sales office.

MULTIPOINT produces, based on Doppler technics, a small programm with invisible motion detectors.


TUEX Experts in Export will start soon with the sales of LED lamps.

LED lamps are known for their very long lifespan of 35 to 80,000 hours, also under very bad enviromental conditions.


MULTIPOINT has TUEX Experts in Export appointed to be her European sales office.

MULTIPOINT produces a wide range of pre-settable dimming 0-10 Volt Doppler sensors for all types of 0-10 Volt dimmable ballasts, motor controlls and transformers.



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MULTICARE has TUEX Experts in Export appointed to be her international sales office.

MULTICARE produce a beautifull range of vandal resistant lighting-fixtures for all kind of lamps.

MULTICARE has TUEX Experts in Export appointed to be her international sales office.

MULTICARE produce a wide range of emergency lighting-fixtures for all kind of lamps.
MULTICARE has TUEX Experts in Export appointed to be her international sales office.

MULTICARE produce a wide range of decorative lighting-fixtures for all kind of lamps.

MULTICARE has TUEX Experts in Export appointed to be her international sales office.

MULTICARE produce a wide range of public lighting-fixtures for all kind of lamps and LED's.